A high-quality Bluetooth headset can make a world of difference when it comes to enjoying wireless freedom while talking on your mobile phone. The right device added virtually none of the traditional discomfort of using a cell phone: no more sweaty ear or tangly wire. And, with the market flooded with models, you can find one that matches your personality and style.

How Bluetooth technology works The biggest advantage of a bluetooth headset is that it uses bluetooth technology, rather than being hard-wired into the phone. While it does have to be within 10 metres of your phone, you can move around without being tangled up in a wire. With a traditional wired headset, if you're on the other side of the room from your phone, you have to get up and move closer. With a Bluetooth headset, there's no such problem.

Bluetooth headsets use radio frequencies to connect wirelessly with other devices that are within range - up to 10 metres for most models. This means you can enjoy the freedom of walking around while speaking on the phone.

Disadvantages of Bluetooth headsets

The main disadvantage of Bluetooth headsets is that they can be quite expensive. You can expect to pay anywhere from £30 to £100 for a good quality model. They're also not as common as traditional wired headsets, so you may have trouble finding one if you lose or damage yours.

How to choose a Bluetooth headset

When choosing a Bluetooth headset, it's important to consider what type of phone you have. Not all headsets are compatible with all phones, so be sure to check before you buy. The other thing to keep in mind is what type of user you are. If you're the active type who likes to move around, then you'll want to look for a headset that is lightweight and has a good battery life. If you're looking for longer conversations, look for one with noise-canceling technology.

If you travel often, you should consider getting an ear model; they're light and compact and can slip easily into your carry-on or pocket. For those who prefer to have a more traditional look, there are neck models available.

How to charge beats studio wired

When your headset's battery is low, you'll see a small lightning bolt in the upper right corner of your phone screen. You can charge it by connecting to your laptop with the USB cable that came with the headset, or plugging it into an electrical outlet using the AC power adapter. Be sure not to use any other type of charger, as this may damage your headset.

The best way to charge Beats Studio is by plugging the charging cable into a USB port on your computer. It'll take about two hours to fully charge your headset. You can also use the included AC adapter to charge it from a wall outlet, but it'll take a bit longer that way - about four hours.

Once your Beats Studio is fully charged, you can use it as long as you want before needing to charge it again. When the battery gets low, the LED fuel gauge on the headset will blink red to remind you to start charging. You can continue using your Beats Studio while it's charging, but it'll only be powered by the battery until it's fully charged again.

How to connect beats wireless

The first time you power on your Beats Wireless, you'll need to pair them with your phone. Place them within 30 feet of each other and hold any button down for about five seconds. A tone will play, indicating that they're now in pairing mode.

Then, go into your phone's Bluetooth settings, select "Beats Wireless" and enter the code "0000" if prompted. Once they're paired, you can use them with any device that has bluetooth. It's important to note, however, that these headphones are only compatible with iPhones®, iPads®, iPods® and selected Android devices running OS 4.3 or later.


Bluetooth headsets are convenient for using hands-free, especially while you're working out or on the go. If you buy one that's compatible with your phone, you can also use it to listen to music. With prices starting at under £30, they're a worthwhile purchase if you talk on your mobile device often.

Shaquille O'Neal is arguably one of the most influential and ground-breaking players in the history of basketball. In addition to his 7 NBA championship rings, he has been an unstoppable force on the court with a unique combination of size, speed, power and agility. On top of that, his public persona is almost as big as he is.

Even if you're not an NBA fan, chances are you've at least heard of Shaquille O'Neal. And while some people may see him as nothing but an old, washed up has-been (he's currently 36), I believe there are many reasons why his presence on the court is still positive for the NBA.

Shaq is a great ambassador for the sport of basketball

Although Shaq has been criticized for his many "business decisions" over the years, there's no denying that he has been a huge presence in terms of endorsements. He currently has more than 10 companies paying him for endorsements including Baskin Robbins, Buick and Icy Hot, just to name a few. And if that's not enough, Shaq has also been under contract with Pepsi for nearly 14 years!

Shaq is a great asset to the NBA in terms of marketing and promotion

In addition, he is also frequently seen doing commercials for The Walt Disney Company, appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live and even doing a series of "how-to" videos with Yahoo! At one point, he was considered as a strong candidate for Governor of Florida. Of course, there's no doubt that Shaq is a great ambassador for the sport of basketball as it gets more exposure from other companies who want to be associated with him.

Shaq still has game on the court

Even though he is 36, Shaq can still play. As of right now, he leads the NBA in field goal percentage and is ranked 5th in scoring with over 20 points per game. In addition, since becoming a member of the Phoenix Suns this year, O'Neal has been averaging more than 10 rebounds per game. He is no longer the unstoppable force that he used to be, but his presence on the court can still make a huge difference for any team looking to win another NBA championship.

Shaq will remain an ambassador for basketball

While Shaq may not dominate the sport like he used to, there are plenty of other reasons why his presence on the court is good for the NBA. His long-time endorsement deals with Pepsi will keep him in high demand for years to come, whether he plays or not. I also believe that there are many opportunities for him to transition into coaching/management as well if he decides to retire. The bottom line is that Shaq's decorated career is far from over, and his presence on the court will continue to be a positive one for both the player and the sport of basketball.

I am here to tell you that the Big Diesel is not bad for b-ball; in fact, I think he's good for it. The NBA needs him. Here are my three reasons why:

1) He's funny! And with all due respect to Bob Costas and Greg Anthony...nobody is funnier.

2) He makes basketball more interesting. It adds ratings, which brings in the dough. When Shaq plays, people care about what happens to their team-no matter how bad or good they are. People want to see him win another ring...or make a fool of himself

3) He's great for business! And I'm not just saying that because I sell shoes for a living. He's the most dominant player in the game today...and he brings in lots of money.

A recent addition to the chat system in Final Fantasy XIV is the green and red arrows.

The green arrow indicates that a message has been sent to all party members, while the red arrow means that a message has been sent to your current target. This can be extremely useful for coordinating with your party members, or for getting the attention of a specific player.

For example, if you need to ask someone a question in a hurry, you can use the red arrow to target them specifically. This will make sure that they see your message right away, even if they're busy with something else.

Alternatively, if you want to tell everyone in the party about an important event, you can use the green arrow to send your message to all of them at once. This will save you from having to type the same thing multiple times.

Why do they appear?

When sending a message to specific players, you can use either the green or red arrow buttons. These buttons will only appear when you're in a chat channel that has multiple people in it (for example, say and party).

If your current target is also in the same chat channel as you (and they haven't disabled their chat window), the green arrow button will appear next to their name. If your current target is in a different chat channel than you (for example, they're in a party and you're not), the red arrow button will be shown instead.

If you send a message using one of these buttons, it'll show up as if you sent the message normally to everyone in the chat channel. The only difference is that the message will be targetted at a specific player, which can be handy for getting someone's attention.

Can I disable them?

Yes, you can disable the green and red arrow buttons by opening the Social Settings window (Ctrl+S) and unchecking the "Target Specific Players" box. This will stop the buttons from appearing in chat windows, and you'll have to type the names of players manually if you want to send them a message.

Why should I care about them? 

Knowing how to use the green and red arrow buttons can give you a significant advantage in battle. For example, if you're in a party and you see that someone is targeting an enemy that you want to take down, you can use the green arrow button to send them a message. This will let them know that they have your support, which will give them the confidence they need to defeat that enemy.

Who else is affected by the arrows? 

When someone sends you a message using the green or red arrow, other players in your area will see that you're "talking" to them. This action is treated the same way as other actions (such as waving) and it can affect how other players interact with you. For example, if another player sees that you're talking to someone using the green arrow, they might decide not to interrupt you.

Similarly, if another player sees that you're talking to someone using the red arrow, they might decide to target that player instead of you. This can be helpful if you want to avoid taking damage from an enemy, or if you want to focus on healing your party members.

Ffxiv green and red arrows in chat

The green and red arrow buttons can be extremely useful for coordinating with your party members, or for getting the attention of a specific player. Knowing how to use them will give you an advantage in battle. Also, by unchecking the SOCIAL SETTINGS box, you can disable these arrow buttons so they won't appear at all.

Finding treasure in Minecraft can be difficult. There are some good ways to find buried chests, however. If you're looking for one particular chest (like all the diamonds) then you should read our guide on how to find specific buried treasures .

This is really only useful if you know exactly where the treasure is. However, if you're just looking for general buried treasure then read on!

When you spawn in Minecraft, start by finding an area that has lots of trees (and maybe some grass).

Dig down two-three blocks to get to dirt and start planting saplings.

As soon as they grow up to be trees, chop them down and make ladders up to the surface.

If you don't already have torches (or some other light source) then get rid of your wood, make a crafting table, and craft yourself a couple torches.

Don't worry about making stone tools or axes yet, just use your bare hands. As soon as it's dark enough, go back down and start digging again.

How far down is buried treasure in Minecraft

The exact locations of the buried treasure vary, it is noteworthy to know the most common places.

This can give us an estimate of the most possible location.

Some buried treasure chests are planted deep into the soil underneath.

They could be 1 or 2 blocks down under.

These are the simplest ones you can dig up and find.

Some buried treasure chests, however, are so deep down that it may take you hours to find.

They can even be buried 10 blocks underground.

Some are 3 to 6 blocks underneath the ground, and some are not even underground!

A lot of users have found ‘buried’ treasure chests in caves, too.

It is also important to note that not all maps lead to the buried treasure.

Some also lead to other rare structures.

 What you'll need to get started:

Torches (or other light source)

Wood (for tools)

Enough dirt to make several ladders up.

When you find the beginning of a cave system, you need to know what is important and what isn't.

Don't worry about diamonds, they're rare and hard to dig out with your bare hands.

You should definitely grab any red stone you find, because it's used to make all kinds of cool stuff later on!

Iron is also really useful for tools and torches, but it's even harder to dig out than diamonds are.

Tips for digging in the right spot:

If you see any coal... mine it.

It's really useful later on! Also, if there are more than one lump of it in the same area, pick the darkest looking one.

If you see iron ore (it looks like an orange colored dirt) or gold ore (it looks like a beige/brown dirt), then mine those as well.

If you see a lot of coal, iron, or gold ore in one place, that's a pretty good sign that you're in the right spot!

A golden color indicates you're on top of gold ore/coal/iron...

Brick blocks are always a good indicator that you're on the right spot.

Ores look different when they're dug up, so if you see a square dirt block that looks like it's been dug up, you'll want to continue digging there!

Finally... diamonds! They don't look like anything special before you mine them, but they will make a distinctive falling sound when you break them.

Diamonds are the hardest ore to find, so they're important!

Anything that looks like it might be some sort of gemstone probably is one.

If you've got torches (and don't need wood for anything), then you can also use them to see if there's something special hiding in the dark.

You can keep going deeper and deeper until you find something good!